New Ventures and Business Incubation

New Ventures and Business Incubation

Committed to providing our patients innovative healthcare solutions.

OhioHealth New Ventures and Business Incubation (NVBI) encompasses the OhioHealth mission — to improve the health of those we serve — beyond our hospital walls. NVBI pioneers strategic advantage for OhioHealth by identifying and advising on healthcare disruption, adopting new partnerships and leading the system's venture incubation and investment efforts. 

The NVBI team looks forward to connecting with you. If you need to reach our team please email us at

The team has four major areas of focus:

Disruption and innovation evaluation

We proactively identify emerging opportunities and threats through examining individual companies, and larger trends or themes that impact the healthcare sector. This work allows OhioHealth to make decisions that will change quality, cost, delivery channels and services long-term.

Adoption and co-development

NVBI makes it easier for third-party entrepreneurial companies to partner with OhioHealth by shepherding the adoption of outside innovations. In some cases, we also co-develop new products and services with external partners to create unique value.

Strategic venture investment

Through direct and indirect investment, NVBI furthers OhioHealth’s involvement in innovation. We directly invest in later-stage opportunities where OhioHealth can gain unique strategic advantage, primarily in the health services and IT sectors. Our early stage investment is focused on our own associates’ and affiliates’ innovations.

Concept and seed stage incubation

We support internal innovators in the creation of new companies, products and services by assessing market feasibility and opportunity, connecting entrepreneurs with a curated network of partners, and providing financial support.